There are many people amongst us who like to do a lot of things the old school or retro way. They still are interested in purchasing things that are few decades old, but are practical even in today’s times. Not many would know, but the same holds true for some of the car lovers. Now, buying and collecting vintage cars is a totally different deal than what we are talking about at the moment.

These retro car lovers like buying an older model of Corolla or Honda Civic just for the love of the design they were once famous for. One of the other reasons is the engine configuration in some of these older cars were much more flexible towards modification. The same may not hold good for the newer models of these vehicles. If you are looking for retro cars in Mumbai, you can find second hand cars in Mumbai for buy provided you research thoroughly.

So, yes there is a small but definite market for people who buy retro cars for the popularity and desirability that they commanded once. Not everyone would like shelling out money for a car, which is good 15 to 20 years old but there are few who would go out of their way to find a particular car from that age and actually spend money on them.  One of the perfect examples would be Escort RS Turbo, which was highly desirable by college boys who used to love racing with their sports car.

At that point it was difficult for every fan to buy this car due to its high running and insurance costs, but buying the same piece now would be much easier as not only would the cost be very low but many used car dealers would preserve few units of such cars in great condition. To top it all, a machine like that would still roar like a wild tiger on city streets. If you don’t get your hands on one of these you can look for a modified entry level Ford Escort, which was a cheaper alternative to RS Turbo during that time.

If you don’t really have an idea of those retro cars but you still want to research and buy one then you can ask your dad or your uncle or may be your brother who is good 8-10 years older to you. They will give you some of the names you wouldn’t be able to resist. These cars were not the up class luxury car types, neither were they always a race machine or high power churner but they were still famous because of their certain image and personality that auto enthusiasts loved. Some of these popular cars are Escort XR3-1, Escort RS Turbo, Ford Fiesta Turbo and Fiesta XR2, Renault 5 GT Turbo, Astra SRi and Astra GTE from Vauxhall and 5 GT Turbo from Renault. Of course, there are many more you can add to this list.

If you ask auto lovers of today’s generation, they will easily tag the above mentioned cars as retro or old school but it was not the case during their own time. That being said, even today’s generation kids who are really into modifying cars, racing or just an ardent auto enthusiast would respect these names. In fact, many auto lovers across the world take a lot of pain to get their hands on one of these retro cars.