Being a content writer, I am well aware of the fact that we have a lot of things to do in a day. Sometimes we need to meet the deadline in hours, and sometimes our payments are pending for a whole month.  So what is the right thing to do? What are the great websites to work with for a regular work and hassle free payments of your hard work? In this blog post, I am here with the best five job websites for writers to make good money online.

Being the world’s best content marketplace, Contentmart is the best place to join as a freelance copywriter. This international workplace allows everybody with right skills. If you want to be a verified writer, then you must maintain a positive record, and also some tests are required to be passed. Contentmart provides many content writing services to international clients, and there is always something available for everyone, and if you are doing great, then you can enjoy personal orders too.

Linked In

Technically this website is social networking website for professionals. Here you must sign up with a right profile and use your networks to seal the deals for some jobs. Here you can meet different people who are willing to work with you but there is no surety of payments, and there will be no record maintained about your work for an Individual or a company. It may cause you a serious setback.

ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger Job Board is an expert website on blogging. You will be known to jobs from genuine businesses who are aware of the value of your harwork. In addition, given ProBlogger’s prominent in the blogosphere, you can frequently discover occupations posted by some hotshot writes here.  This portal is not a regular content writing agency and this makes it special website on our list to make good money.


Look at the independent segment of the site for an extensive variety of occupations from enterprises like TV, PR/promoting, magazine and book distributing and online networking — a touch of something for everybody. There is always a demand of Ghost copywriters on this website for different writing styles and topics. If you want to get paid and not want to be mentioned anywhere then you can accept the offer of a right price.


One of the top occupation sheets for working from home, FlexJobs empowers you to make a custom employment look profile to meet your particular needs.  You can likewise set cautions so you’re advised when new occupations coordinating your pursuit criteria are posted. Choose the right job and get paid for it. It is easy to work here.

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